10 Quick Rules To Live By If You Don’t Feel Like Following A Whole Blog About It

Just in case karma is real..

Just in case karma is real..

Yeah-yeah cut to the chase..

While I’d love for you to follow this blog pretty regularly, or at least peek at us on Twitter and Facebook from time to time, I’d rather you get down to these 10 easy ways to maximize your life off the bat– starting— *now!*

1. Find one thing to kind of like about someone on a daily basis. (Yes, even your second grade unibrowed nemesis) or at least one thing you can relate to them about (Mondays? Burned toast?) There’s got to be something.

2. Put a positive message out into the world. Comment on someone’s Facebook or Instagram post and tell them they look great, or that they took a great photo, or that you love their taste in music. Browse your social media history for negativity and snip it away. Keep it light and positive, always. Karma may or may not be real, but you’ll think it’s real next time you get a sweet compliment.

3. Find one thing that you’re passionate about that no one else you know is really into. This could be picking up the banjo, volunteering at an after school program, painting water color daffodils obsessively, whatever etc. etc.! Cultivate your unique interests and stick with them. You’ll inspire others, you’ll learn about yourself.

4. Eat foods with simple ingredients. Look at the label; if you can pronounce the ingredients without stuttering, then it’s probably ok to ingest and even good for you.

5. Start thinking about who you want to be someday. Whether it’s college or career– start picturing your life heading in that direction- early and often. Scholarships abound! Start to network! Talk to interesting people with unique careers! Attend free events at colleges near you (concerts, sporting events, poetry readings, plays…) and let the inspiration follow.

6. Pick up a routine. Sticking to a plan each day- even if it’s flexible- will help you to better organize, fit in your school work, family time, and time to relax and feel less stressed. Schedule it into your smart phone, you know there has to be an app for that

7. Move it! Shake it! You hear it all the time, but unfortunately ‘moving’ doesn’t just mean your thumbs when sending out a tweet. Get outside and walk, join a yoga class, or just throw on your headphones and crank up the Queen Bey while you do your chores. ‘Moving it’ doesn’t need to be an organized activity, and every booty shake makes a difference to your body (and body image).

8. Read a book before you fall asleep. Not on your iPad! Not an app on your phone! The zombie-light glow of screens can fry your eyes and keep you up much later than you anticipated. Sleep is critical for your mood, your eating habits, your skin, and your ability to focus in class. Having an actual paperback book on hand will not only be an adorable vintage accessory, but it will also help you to relax before bed (and if you pick the right one, give you sweet dreams… Hello Sookie Stackhouse Series.)

9. Drink water. It’s nature’s solution for practically everything. Have a headache? You’re  probably dehydrated. Hungry? You’re probably dehydrated. Acne? Wash your face every night. And cleanse! And wear sun screen! Ok that’s 3 tips in 1. But who’s gonna stop me. You’ll thank me when you’re 30.

10. Talk to your parents. Even though you probably already know everything (we all do, that’s why blogs were invented,) it’s always great to check in with someone with “a little more experience” (read: old) to wax off about the highs and lows of your day, your hopes and dreams for the future, or just to tell them you’re hangry because they might have a spare granola bar on them. You may be surprised that they have helpful advice from time to time, or they can at least tell you who people like Missy Eliot are when you’re watching the Super Bowl.

That’s it!

No it’s not. You should probably follow this blog regularly.

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