The What and The Who.

Petal + Sass

What do you see when you in the mirror? A glossy mop of hair (maybe a mess right now); a row of (kinda) pearly teeth (snaggles are super cute); penetrating eyes blinking back at you (where are my contacts!?)

So often we spend time looking at The What. But what about…’The Who’?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? This could mean a great many qualities that only you- and perhaps a handful of friends and family- can truly see.

Who you are will naturally ebb and flow throughout your entire life, inevitably tossed around by The What. Examining your inner-qualities and knowing just how to express those to the world around you is the greatest challenge a person can face- man or woman, gay or straight, and across cultures. I hope that by reading this blog and browsing through the many resources on identity, health and wellness, body image, sexuality, diversity, school and relationships, you can start to chip away at all the ‘what-what!’ and begin to focus on the bigger picture behind the looking glass: The Who. The you.

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