Teenage Girls and the Redefinition of ***Flawless


A recent article in New York Times Magazine explored the changing concept of the word “flaw,” or rather, its more contemporary counterpart, “flawless.”

In no small measure, thanks to feminist icons like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, a curious thing is happening to the meaning of “flawless” – a word meaning “perfect” is evolving before our eyes to mean “different,” “unique,” and, at its core, “imperfectly beautiful.”

What does this mean when you take a deep breath and look in the mirror, often scrutinizing the parts of your body you’d like to change?

Maybe the parts of you that you least like about yourself- perhaps a smattering of freckles, a certain curve of the nose, or an unwanted softness of your belly or thighs- maybe these are the “imperfectly beautiful” parts that make you flawless.

Sometimes, in the movement to redefine a word, we can also begin to redefine the concept of who we are, and how we see others.

Attitude, perception, is half the battle- when you begin to see yourself as imperfectly beautiful- as flawless- the world will take notice.

What makes you flawless? Share your secret in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Teenage Girls and the Redefinition of ***Flawless

    • Petal + Sass says:

      Thank you Coralynn! Hope you keep checking back- just getting started at Petal + Sass, but excited about a new movement for young women!


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