Self Knowledge is Power: Take This Test.

Myers Briggs Test

You may have heard someone say “I am such an ENFP” before, or maybe the name “Myers-Briggs” rings a bell from your ‘Intro to Psych’ elective. But what is that? And who cares? While Buzzfeed quizzes about what kind of Dorito flavor you’d most likely be (cool ranch, for sure) are super amusing, seeking to understand the depths of your personality, your likes and dislikes, and how you operate in daily life can be a huge asset to your growth and success.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a psychometric questionnaire developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers that was designed to explore personality profiles based on the typological theories of self by Carl Jung. The personality test was said to uncover latent knowledge of how we come to make decisions and perceive the world around us.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, begins with a process of learning more about yourself in order to understand how to be your best self – even if that might change throughout the course of your life. Settle in for a good half hour and take this test. The more you know about who you are and what makes you tick, the better you will be at deciphering your emotions (and the emotions of others) and communicating with the world around you.

Once you receive your 4 letter personality type, learn about your type profile in depth here.

(Then check out these pop-culture Myers-Briggs charts and find out who your My Little Pony soulmate is…)

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