STDs: All You Need To Know In Haiku Format

You think you know all there is to know about sexually transmitted diseases; think again. But this time in the old Japanese art form of Haiku.

Chlamydia Is

The Silent Stalker within;

Common, but not kind.


An itch down below

followed by a blush, and scratch-

Genital Warts, damn.


A yellowish drip,

A slow clap without merit;

Gonorrhea wins.


Hepatitis B

My liver worse for the wear

From all that sex play.


Herpes, how I wish

You were the Greek God of Love;

And not my anus.



A Lady and her Macbeth;

The condom is King.


A cold with no sneeze;

The cervical snake that coils

HVP, it bites.


Syphilis, a name-

Like an old diner waitress;

but stiffed on the tip.


How your eyes alight;

Like a Japanese cartoon.

Instead, Pubic Lice.


For more detailed information not limited to syllabic verse, please visit

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