The App-le Of Your Eye: Back To School Must-Have Apps

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‘Tis the season for organizing your underwear drawer.

Back to school means fresh fall jeans and a chance to start over in more ways than one. Slip these handy academic and organizational apps into your back pocket and put your best boot forward.

Evernote: Sync your notes across multiple devices with this critical app designed to make your life one big grab ‘n go. From text, audio and video, this app even offers a bonus to-do-list feature. Check!

StudyCal: Pick your (organizational) poison. This tool tracks your entire academic life, right down to your GPA so you can get a head’s up on your progress before semester grades hit the web. No hall pass required, though you might still need one to use the rest room.

EasyBib: How scholars made it hundreds of years without this one is a mystery. Kind of like driving before google maps. How?! This amazing app generates the citations you need to give your academic papers proper credit. Site your sources in MLA, APA and Chicago formats for a tight bibliography.

Duolingo: ¿Como se dice “easy”? A must have for language learners, and chances are, if you are in high school you are doing just that. Fun quizzes, memory games and lessons in almost every language.

CamScanner: The name says it all. A selfie for your school work.

StudyBlue: Start your own flashcard series or jump in on someone else’s. Review sheets, quizzes, and more with an extensive (and growing) library of relevant content. *BYOCC [Bring your own coffee and cupcakes to the study group.]

Notability: You’re probably already using this. And good for you.

Luminosity: Ok, not 100% necessary but 100% addictive and fun without being a mindless bird-flinging video game. Tease your brain with personalized games and boost your test scores without even realizing it.

Khan Academy: This is actually more than just a commercial between Hulu episodes. It’s an incredible (and incredibly free) powerhouse course app that brings a world of academia to your phone. You really can learn everything.

DropBox: You’ve done the work. Now hand it in.

What are some study and organizational apps you can’t live without? Share in the comments below.

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