Is It Safe If A Guy Pulls Out?

Toilet Roll Does Not Protect Against Unwanted Pregnancy.

Toilet Roll Does Not Protect Against Unwanted Pregnancy. Or Anything Else.

In a generic Google search, the phrase “is it safe if…” immediately autofills with “…a guy pulls out.”

Let’s save you the data on your cell phone for this one: No, it’s not safe if a guy pulls out.

Honestly and statistically speaking, sure. You might just dodge a few voracious swimmers from seeking and destroying your egg (sperm are like tadpole versions of heat seeking missiles). Pulling out before ejaculation could significantly lower your odds of getting pregnant, but all bets are on baby once an unsheathed penis descends upon the vaginal slip n slide (teens do still use slip n slides, according to Google.)

Aside from exposing yourself to a host of STD’s circulating around your campus (yes, there are lots, and yes, you can catch them even if you are in a “monogamous” relationship,) the pull-out method is destined to fail you at some point if you’re any good at math (and sadly even if you’re not.) Out of 100 heterosexual couples who regularly leave it to chance and engage in unprotected sex, 90 of those couples will become pregnant within one year. Out of 100 heterosexual couples who rely regularly on pulling out before ejaculation, 30 (or more, if you are a teen) will become pregnant within one year.

Why do teens have an increased risk of pregnancy by using the pull out method? Because 1. Between now and 35, your fertility is at its maximum, 2. You likely don’t take your temperature every morning and check your cervical mucus daily to follow your fertility, 3. Teenage boys are highly unable to “keep their cool” when they get to the point of climax, and 4. Pre-cum (those early out-the-gate critters that are released as soon as you say “yes” with a twinkle in your eye.)

Next time you sneeze, try pausing right after the “AHHH” and just before the “CHOO.” Odds are 1. You couldn’t do it,  2. You forgot to try, and 3. You just didn’t want to because the CHOO is the most satisfying part of the sneeze.

Now trust your partner to pull out right before an orgasm. No, wait.. Don’t do that at all.

For more information on protecting yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, visit

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