Saying (And Hearing) Vagina

 saying vagina

[Vah – Gi – Nah]

Did you wince?

Do you feel uncomfortable about it?

Did you click on this post just to confirm your disgust?

Did you click on this post because you never see the word ‘vagina‘ in your newsfeed? You probably don’t.

If you can’t say the word ‘vagina,” how can you take your body seriously – and why should others?

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Love Letters: Body Image & ‘Puberty The Remix’

Love Letters

‘Love Letters’ is a Petal + Sass blog feature that regularly asks a group of diverse women in their 20’s and 30’s about their experiences with health, sex, emotional wellness, body image, college, careers – and what they wish they had known themselves as teenagers. Visit the Love Letters’ To My Former Self page to learn more about the contributors.

Question posed: How did you feel about your body as a teenager? How has your body changed over the last 10 years? Has your body perception changed as you got older?

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What Your Body Says To The World (Versus What It Says To You)

body image

The media (what you see on tv, in magazines, and in theaters) is a wildly messy and confusing melting pot of body shaming, unrealistic expectations, social and sexual pressures, and more than a few heaping tablespoons of misogyny. It’s hard to find a plot that doesn’t involve the abuse of women in some way, and yet it is simultaneously glamorized and glossed over to make us all think “should I be more like that?”

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Teenage Girls and the Redefinition of ***Flawless


A recent article in New York Times Magazine explored the changing concept of the word “flaw,” or rather, its more contemporary counterpart, “flawless.”

In no small measure, thanks to feminist icons like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, a curious thing is happening to the meaning of “flawless” – a word meaning “perfect” is evolving before our eyes to mean “different,” “unique,” and, at its core, “imperfectly beautiful.”

What does this mean when you take a deep breath and look in the mirror, often scrutinizing the parts of your body you’d like to change?

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