Role Call: Real Women in Web Design

Caitlin is a web designer in Connecticut.

Role Call is a Petal + Sass blog section featuring interviews with professional young women occupying diverse careers- and their advice to teens.

Name: Caitlin Garzi

Age: 26

College & major: University of Connecticut, English

Graduate school & concentration: Kansas State University, English (specializing in Rhetoric and Composition)

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What Your Body Says To The World (Versus What It Says To You)

body image

The media (what you see on tv, in magazines, and in theaters) is a wildly messy and confusing melting pot of body shaming, unrealistic expectations, social and sexual pressures, and more than a few heaping tablespoons of misogyny. It’s hard to find a plot that doesn’t involve the abuse of women in some way, and yet it is simultaneously glamorized and glossed over to make us all think “should I be more like that?”

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