Relationship Violence and the Teenage Girl

Abusive relationships

A recent issue of seventeen Magazine highlighted an important- and growing- issue that young women are facing with alarming frequency; relationship violence. Chances are, you or a close friend of yours have been in a relationship with a partner where the power imbalance has been way off: from controlling how often you text, to fat shaming or even threatening or acting out physical abuse.

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Teenage Girls and the Redefinition of ***Flawless


A recent article in New York Times Magazine explored the changing concept of the word “flaw,” or rather, its more contemporary counterpart, “flawless.”

In no small measure, thanks to feminist icons like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, a curious thing is happening to the meaning of “flawless” – a word meaning “perfect” is evolving before our eyes to mean “different,” “unique,” and, at its core, “imperfectly beautiful.”

What does this mean when you take a deep breath and look in the mirror, often scrutinizing the parts of your body you’d like to change?

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